Fast Moving Technology Company – Enable Energy

Fast Moving Technology Company – Enable Energy

Bringing ideas to fruition–this is something local firm Enable Energy goes above and beyond achieving for itself and for its clients. At less than a year old, this clean technology invention and sustainability consulting firm, based out of Auburn, has grown quickly and efficiently with a bright future ahead.

After participating in the rapid expansion of Paramount Solar, Todd Lindstrom, principal of Enable Energy, saw an opportunity to start something fresh. After connecting with former colleague Eric Hafter, the two co-founded Enable Energy to bring that opportunity to life.

“There is a huge need to help people in the clean tech industry grow their business ideas faster,” Lindstrom said. “We wanted to do this by creating a fun and engaging work environment, do something meaningful and do it for ourselves.”

Enable Energy goes beyond the development of solar and energy storage products, having a hand in the entire project from beginning to end. The small, powerful team of 11 full-time employees starts by identifying what exactly needs to be done with a project, then creates executive plans and finance plans to manage projects and product development all the way through. They’ve launched two solar racking products to date and have two more nearing completion in just the first five months of business.

“With such an interesting band of executives, we can come up with amazing ways to tackle tasks in ways that very few companies can do,” Lindstrom said. “We have such a wide range of skills and such a unique infrastructure that really brings products to life.”

Enable Energy is hosting three college interns thanks to a Golden Sierra Workforce Investment Board program. The company is designed to be “intern heavy” as the STEM education program is something valued by the company. At Enable Energy, interns are given the opportunity to learn far beyond anything they would be taught inside a classroom. This company goes the extra mile for interns, employees and clients alike.

When given the opportunity to open up their one-of-a-kind company in New York, Los Angeles or San Francisco, Lindstrom and Hafter chose to do it here in the Sacramento area instead.

“This is such a fantastic environment to work in and such a great spot to be,” Lindstrom said. “It had to happen here, it had to be the Sacramento region.”

With a “give it to us and we will get it done” attitude, Lindstrom is confident that there is not a single other company right now that can do what Enable Energy can. This unique company is growing as fast as they possibly can with a promising future.

“I never thought it would go this quickly,” Lindstrom added. “It’s a wild ride but the future looks fantastic.”