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We’re over the top…with gratitude for your generous show of support in our donations campaign this year.  We’re also over the top because we did better than our goal.

The money you contributed is much more powerful than you might imagine.  Not only did it attract a matching amount immediately, but it also provides us with funding we can use to provide the required matching money for new awards from government agencies.  It also is tangible evidence we indeed do have significant user support for what we do, a feature that also attracts more funding.  

So in many ways, we are over the top…and appreciate what you did.

Support Regional Growth

Every year there are about two dozen new clean tech startups in the region, hoping to see their products contribute to global sustainability.  That doesn’t happen all by itself.  Someone needs to be a catalyst.  That’s us. 

We hope you appreciate all that we do as a catalyst to support the development of the clean tech sector in our region.   Many have said that  we are having a positive impact in helping clean tech get to market and that really is good to hear.   If we have helped you, can you consider returning the favor? Can you chip in to help us ride through the current storm?

Support CleanStarts Mission

Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs with the knowledge, capital, and connections that are critical to creating a successful new business. We do this by:

CONNECTING the Northern California region’s clean tech community through CleanTech Meetups.

PROMOTING the region’s clean tech economy in the annual CleanStart Progress Report, on social media & news outlets and at statewide and national events.

EDUCATING Clean tech business leaders through classes, professional rescources, expert pannels and the CEO Crash Course.

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One of our best achievements is establishing a pipeline of helping innovators learn how to bring their ideas to market.  We have been doing this through our bootcamps, by helping get them early-stage funding, connecting them with resources to avoid mistakes and get to success faster, and then getting them in front of sources of serious investment.  There are now two dozen companies moving through this process.  We have now seen one company in our regional 100+ company-strong cleantech community get to “Unicorn” status and a public listing, and many others raising tens of millions of dollars.  We are now on the map and getting noticed.

Part of getting noticed is that doors have opened for us to get grants and contracts to support our work.  However, most of these sources require us to match at least a portion of what they contribute.  So, your help is even more essential to keeping our good thing going. 

Please help.  Donate what you can.  Every bit counts.  If you have been attending our Zoom events, pitch in!  If you have been connecting to the training videos, help out!  If we helped you secure funding, now’s the time to let us know you appreciate it.  If at all possible, make it monthly.  We want to triple the amount we get every month.  That is especially helpful. 

We know you are a clean tech supporter.  You might be a regular participant in CleanStart’s programs.  You might have supported us in the past.  You might be someone we know who shares our vision.  With your help, we have achieved a lot.  We want to do even more.  

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