CleanStart Stands with the Black Community to End Racial Injustice

Supporting cleantech and sustainability fundamentally means caring for others and what happens to them.  Worrying about the fate of the planet means worrying about the fate of humanity.  And the fate of humanity hangs on the fair and just treatment of all.  The alternative is strife and division which undermine the whole goal of sustainability.  That’s why the events in Minneapolis in the police killing of George Floyd and the similar cases around Ahmaud Arbery, Stephon Clark, Joseph Mann, and Breonna Taylor among so many others are so disturbing to us.  There is now clear and compelling evidence that black lives are treated as if they don’t matter—with cruelty, brutality, and, what’s worse, with an attitude of freedom from accountability.  That needs to end.  That’s what is meant by “Black Lives Matter” and we endorse it.

We ask that everyone in the cleantech community reflect on the greater meaning of sustainability and support those who call for constructive change, adding our voices, action, and resources to the mounting chorus seeking an end to injustice and unequal treatment of our fellow human beings.  Support the organizations that share these goals, because they too in their way will help us save this planet.  It is for the greater good of us all and every future generation. 

Gary Simon

Chair, CleanStart 

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