There’s a new source of opportunities for regional clean tech companies if they have something to offer on EVs.  VW has agreed to a nearly $2 Billion settlement for cheating on its emissions testing, and $44 million of that looks like it will be coming to Sacramento.  VW is trying to put a positive spin on this penalty by using it to create “Green City” initiatives as part of an “Electrify America” plan.

Sacramento was identified through an extensive process as the city that could benefit the population and had an infrastructure and community ready to act.  The Green City goal is to “establish a green mobility habitat through the development of public programs utilizing ZEVs”.  

The Green City is considered the entire Sacramento Metropolitan area. The first work for the Sacramento green city is under way with development and install of around 75 charging stations for EVs and purchasing vehicles for ridesharing in underserved low-income areas.  The Green City infrastructure is expected to be $11M of the $44M.

Sacramento is not limited to only $44 million of the settlement.  $800 million of the total settlement will be invested in California and Sacramento can still compete for additional investment. Additional investments plans by VW in the Green City program will be submitted to the Air Resources Board.

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Thomas Hall

Gary Simon is the Chair of CleanStarts Board. A seasoned energy executive and entrepreneur with 45 years of experience in business, government, and non-profits.

Thomas is the Executive Director of CleanStart. Thomas has a strong background in supporting small businesses, leadership, financial management and is proficient in working with nonprofits. He has a BS in Finance and a BA in Economics from California State University, Chico. Thomas has a passion for sustainability and a commitment to supporting non-profits in the region.

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