Ag Gen Co-Founders Rosh Ho and Amir Salehzadeh were awarded $20,000 in April for winning the Circular Economy Innovation Competition at the Sac State’s Carlsen Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. The Western Placer Waste Management Authority sponsored the competition to rally innovators, researchers, or entrepreneurs looking to turn waste into repurposed value and eliminate it from landfills. There were four finalists that pitched their ideas to a five-person panel. Ag Gen’s idea of using organic material in the waste to grow protein-rich insect larvae that could be made into animal feed came out on top. Ag Gen is already using this process and selling its animal feed locally.
“We were blown away by the creativity demonstrated in these finalists,” said Eric Oddo, WPWMA Program Manager. “Additionally, their understanding and passion for supporting a local circular economy will be incredible for fostering future economic growth and environmental sustainability in our region.”
Congratulations to Rosh and Amir for persistently taking their idea to this next level.


Ag Gen's Waste-to-Animal-Feed Plan Wins Big Prize

Amir and Rosh are standing to the left and right of Cameron Law as the winners of the Circular Economy challenge.