ClipperCreek is Auburn’s hidden gem that plays a huge role in providing the electric vehicle market with high-quality UL-Certified, SAE-J1772 compliant Level 2 electric vehicle charging stations. The locally grown company is also one of the top distributors of portable Level 1 cord sets to the battery electric and plug-in electric market. ClipperCreek is led by sole owner Jason France, an entrepreneur with a background in computer engineering. The company has been in the electric vehicle charging Industry for close to 30 years now, providing charging solutions to both businesses and individual electric vehicle owners. The ability to produce quality, reliable products coupled with 30 years of experience has allowed ClipperCreek to reach the market of both electric vehicle fleet owners and individuals who simply desire a reliable American-made charging solution. The result is that ClipperCreek has become a top US manufacturer of EV charging solutions, allowing them to maintain a hold on a decent size percentage of the market share.

By working in commercial, residential, workplace, and fleet segments ClipperCreek has kept pace with exponential demand growth for electric vehicle charging products, maintaining a leading market share in North America. ClipperCreek works closely with and in partnership with many companies and public entities such as SMUD, Tesla, BMW, Ford, and GM, in support of their vehicle development and EV charging solutions. ClipperCreek’s close work with many automotive manufacturers has made them a tier 2 automotive supplier, providing the “core electronics modules” for portable cord sets delivered with plug in vehicles from many major automotive OEM’s.  They are able to produce a number of units per day that enables them to maintain their share in the market and stay competitive. ClipperCreek also designs and provides a variety of pedestal mounting solutions that are delivered directly to the open market. The company is growing at a pace matching the current electric vehicle sales trends, giving them the opportunity do their part to help further the growth of the EV market and charging infrastructure that will allow the population of EV owners to continue to grow.


CleanStart has a new face supporting the region’s Entrepreneurs.  Renonedo Williams is a CSU Sacramento Mechanical Engineering Student who is the newest intern at CleanStart.   He is entering his final semester at Sac State and is looking forward to connecting with as many clean tech startups as possible and understanding each of their value propositions, to connect his enthusiasm of building things to his goal of being his own boss. Renonedo has a background in design and material selection