We have written several times about the opportunities and challenges of ultrafast charging systems.  Here is an article on a recent development.   Hong Kong-based company Desten is promoting its 900 kW charging system and the remarkable battery that goes with it, promising a 250-mile charge in under 5 minutes.  And, yes, it is always good to be a little skeptical of these claims, but in general it is clear that multiple companies continue to push the envelope on what is possible.  Desten is targeting putting the system at existing service stations. As we have noted before, part of the solution on fast charging is likely to involve putting a bank of batteries between the grid and the chargers to avoid the chargers slamming the grid.  Desten has exactly that idea and would include a container full of batteries on-site as well.  It is not clear if the system works only with their batteries, but Desten is going to need allies among the EV manufacturers to get its system into the market.  It seems to have a deal with Swiss sports car company Piëch.  Desten’s battery apparently has an energy density of 160 Wh/kg, less than the best in EVs now, but does not need an active cooling system.  

An interesting development and one to watch.

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