I founded CleanStart with Gary Simon and have been a board member for CleanStart from its beginning in 2005. Now I have enjoyed being part of the revitalized CleanStart. I have witnessed CleanStart set the example on how to help entrepreneurs and startups succeed and invigorate the community around clean tech. During this period, the Sacramento Region clean tech community has grown to over 5100 jobs and $3.2 billion revenue. Since CleanStart’s reboot in 2016, CleanStart has diligently worked to place companies in front of funding sources, resulting in successful raises of over $200 million.

CleanStart has contributed to the community through a series of meetups that have spawned new relationships, new companies and new ideas. With the elimination of in-person meetings, CleanStart has offered over three dozen video events with increased participation. While the majority of the participants are local, we are now seeing participants from the rest of the US and Europe. This is solidifying Sacramento’s image of being a leading clean tech community.

Like many companies and nonprofits, COVID has impacted CleanStart. They need to raise $10k from our community to continue their work and allow its reach and engagement to continue to grow. To make the funding go even further, a donor has committed to match each donation dollar for dollar.

So please join me in donating to CleanStart. A contribution of $500 or more will give you the privilege of having your name added near my name on the CleanStart Wall of Fame.

Thank you, Hero Sponsors, for helping Build our Wall of Fame:

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Patron Supporters 

Dr. Eric Cummings, Robert Gregoire, Larry Kellerman, Curtis Rocca,

Ingrid Rosten, Frederick Tornatore, Mark Humbert, Bill Westerfield,

Michael Carroll, Peter Bell, Al Rich, Kian Nobari, Bob Guimarin,

Steven Mills, John Jaggers, Farid Ismayilzada, Bing Gu

THANK-YOU: Brian Hoblit, Dan Sperling, Jack Crawford, Mike Hart, Mike Terzo, Roger Akers, Al Rich, Chris White, Noam Lotan, Bob Guimarin, Linghong Li, Sergey Vasylyev, Mark Henwood, Dan Koellen, Daniel Clark, Aaron Shaw, Laura Good, Sandra Hall, Thomas Paddon, Ezra Beeman, Peter Zullo, Diana Eastman, Alex Chompff, Brandon Rose, Lorenzo Smith, Ryan Barr, Robert Gregoire, Frederic Tornatore, Curtis Rocca, Christina Borsum, Weintraub Tobin, Kian Nobari, Lynne Goldsmith, Michelle Wong, Antonio Yung, Mark Berman, Andy Roth, Bill Westerfield, Yuliya Semak, Musole Buhendwa, Eva Shepherd, Mariah Lichtenstern, Eric Cummings, Steven Mills, Larry Kellerman, John Selep, Doug Linney, John Peters, Alain Poivet, Michael Carroll, Terry Carlone, Robert Wilson, Kyle Kaneshiro, John Jaggers, Robert Gregory, Glenn Meeks, Roger Johnson, Matt Roberts, Evolution Accelerator, Peter Bell, Ingrid Rosten, Bing Gu, Kathleen Collins, Kiara Reed, Guy Hall, Michelle Wong, Robert Willson 

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