Here’s a great opportunity to consider if you are looking to raise money.  Rice University in Houston holds an annual forum for cleantech companies to present to dozens of investors.  It is one of the best forums of this type in the US. In the past 16 years, presenters have raised over a $1 billion from participating in the forum.  The investor who come are actually looking for clean tech startups to back. In that sense, it is a better platform than in Silicon Valley where clean tech is definitely low on the priority list.   

It is tough to get in, but once in a startup has a pretty good chance of getting funded.  The best news is that there is no fee to apply. If selected to present there is a modest $225 fee.  Applications are due July 13, so you would need to get busy. Details are here.

Even if you are not ready this year to apply, keep this forum on your radar screen.  It is an annual event, so you might be ready next year.