Hi, my name is Joseph Chung, a mechanical engineering major at Sac State and a new associate for CleanStart. Currently, I am working on designing and creating the presentation exhibit for future CleanStart events.

I was introduced to CleanStart by being in the right place at the right time. I was studying with my friends when Mr. Newton (director of Sac State’s Madlab) approached us and offered us a quick 3d modeling job. Being a college student desperate for money, I sent a rough model the night of to beat my friends to the job. Soon, I was introduced to Thomas Hall Executive Director at CleanStart and was hired as an associate to design and rebuild a trailer to a presentation exhibit.

Here is what I started with:

This is the design before talking with Genevieve:

Working for CleanStart has been a great learning experience. I was introduced to Genevieve Marsh, a Design Director at Agile Architectural Design, to go over her initial concept and my take on the presentation exhibit. From the short zoom call with her, I was able to learn better ways to make the design more interactive and approachable but more importantly, she taught me the fundamentals of good design.

The main lesson I learned was to focus on the main goal of the trailer, creating an interactive space that people can engage in. Colors and texture sets the mood of the event and can be used to draw people in and create a lasting image of Cleanstart. After the call with Genevieve, I focused on creating an environment that meets these goals rather than only the trailer itself. The side doors that separated the trailer were removed, tables and chairs where people would be at were placed, and a blackboard that explains the event was added.


I took that and updated my draft to this:

Currently, the draft of the trailer is finished and waiting to be presented to Dean Smith and Mr. Newton before being fabricated at Sac State.

I am excited to go forward working with Thomas, Genevieve, Mr. Newton to build this Mobile Pavillion and make an impact.


Joseph Chung is a Sacramento State Engineering Student and CleanStart Associate.

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