ECOS (Environmental Council of Sacramento) Earth Day returned to Southside Park in Sacramento this year after a 2 year hiatus due to the pandemic. Sustainability minded community members and over 100 organizations flocked to the park to connect with each other and celebrate. Exhibitors included EV owners showing off their vehicles, vendors displaying sustainable products, and a painting cafe put on by Shira Lane of the Atrium. Also, we brought the CleanTech Connect Trailer out. Situated right next to the EV exhibit with a solar powered exhibit, I talked with anyone who would listen about the energy transition and the opportunities available. I wasn’t alone though, my trusty companion, Toast, was there to help.

We shared how companies right here in Sacramento are leading the energy transition with innovative solutions. Everyone I spoke to was surprised to hear about the over 100 companies and 9,900 employed in the region, A few of these companies were at the event, including Bing Gu of California-Sunlight  who was showing off his portable solar and battery products. Recent PG&E safety shutdowns have put his business in high demand. Glide Cruisers’ exhibit was just across from us. Founder Chris Wiggins makes electric scooters for people wanting serious fun. Glide Cruisers have the power and sturdiness to take you everywhere.  

We had toy solar cars that we used to demonstrate what the photovoltaic solar panels on the trailer were doing. Based on the attention the solar cars received, I know we inspired the youth about the energy transition. Plus, we were able to connect with their chaperones about the work benefiting their communities being done by SMUD, CRP, and Grid Alternatives in Sacramento.


The ECOS Earth Day was truly a success. Not just because I told over 100 people how CleanStart is working to build the region as a CleanTech hub, but also because we need a vibrant community supporting sustainability andfighting climate change for our goal to be realized. ECOS brought together a coalition of community members working to fight climate change, including the Sunrise Movement, Coral Reef Alliance, Citizens Climate lobby, Sac EV, Sacramento Climate Coalition, Sierra Club, Valley Vision and more. Coming together on Earth Day isn’t about the one day; it is about creating the activity needed to make action happen and keep this planet inhabitable for future generations and Toast.


Thomas Hall


Thomas is the Executive Director of CleanStart. Thomas has a strong background in supporting small businesses, leadership, financial management and is proficient in working with nonprofits. He has a BS in Finance and a BA in Economics from California State University, Chico. Thomas has a passion for sustainability and a commitment to supporting non-profits in the region.


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