SMUD is offering up to $100,000 to non-profit applicants for its community revitalization SHINE awards by July 30th.  On our June 17th Perspectives call, Betty Low of SMUD explained what the awards were for, and how to apply for them.  There will be four more webcasts you can join to find out directly about these awards and ask questions.  The dates are June 25, July 7, 16, and 26.  You can access the main website for more information here.

The intent of the awards is to fund non-profits to provide environmental equity and economic vitality to neighborhoods in SMUD’s service area.  While only non-profits can apply, companies large and small can benefit by collaborating on a project with a non-profit.  Betty said awards are given at three levels–$5-10K, $10-50K, and $50-100K.  Matching funds are required—50 cents for every dollar SMUD awards for the first level, and dollar for dollar for the other two.

The four categories for the applications are:

  • Social Well-being—such as infrastructure improvements
  • Healthy Environment—such as carbon emissions reductions and air quality improvements
  • Prosperous Economy—such as small business and workforce development
  • Mobility—such as charger installations

These are pretty broad categories.  Have an idea that would give you some business and help revitalize communities?  Find a non-profit partner to join you and make an application.  Funding would be available starting in 2022.  There is more than a month before the deadline, so get creative!  The website provides a listing of all past awardees to help give you some ideas for your application.

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Gary Simon is the Chair of CleanStarts Board. A seasoned energy executive and entrepreneur with 45 years of experience in business, government, and non-profits.

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