Many of you have heard us talk about Terzo Power and Hydrapulse in El Dorado Hills. They were one of our first profiles back in 2017 after receiving a $4 million dollar grant to build a demonstration unit for their hybrid hydraulic system. We touched on them again in 2018 when they won the Innovation Award and when they demonstrated a hybrid tree shaker equipped with their tech.  Well, recently Hydrapulse has been surging towards the hydraulics market. 

Hydrapulse is basically a high efficacy pump for hydraulic systems providing on-demand power enabling smarter solutions.  Typically Hydraulic systems require constant power to operate, this is why in farm fields there are large diesel engines running.  They need that power for their hydraulic systems. While this may seem inefficient, most hydraulic systems are highly specialized in pretty much all industries making most of the cost in the initial design, not the operating cost.  Creating a system that is efficient requires expensive expertise and is often not versatile. In creating the Hyrdapulse, Terzo Power has built a versatile solution that will only supply the flowrate and pressure that is demanded at any given instance, enabling manufacturers to build efficient systems.

This technology opens up industries to create more variable systems and building hybrid platforms for heavy-duty off-road Vehicles (Farm Equipment).  Now that Hydrapulse has been demo’ed, Terzo is looking at scaling intelligently. Talking with Richard DiGirolamo, Vice President of Sales, Business Development and Distribution, it is apparent how much effort is being put in doing this right.  Building partnerships with Eagle Fluid Power, DTS Fluid Power, Inc., Cross Company, Hydra-Power, and Controlled Fluids Inc. so the Hyrdrapulse can reach across the US through distribution channels.  Beyond that, DIGirolamo is working to bring Hyrdrapulse to an international market.

Terzo Power’s growth in the past year is a good example of how a company can incorporate an EPIC grant into its business while building a successful business case for their technology.  The grant didn’t do it alone, Terzo Power has relied on building a team and network in the area. Mike Terzo, CEO, is on the board of the SMUD Mobility Center to strengthen their network. Connecting with Stoel Rives LLP for profession support and finding staff supporting their growth have kept their growth sustainable.

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Osato Evbuomwan is a CSU Sacramento Mechanical Engineering Graduate Student who is the newest associate at CleanStart. Growing up in Nigeria with smog from backup diesel/ gasoline generators inspired Osato to work towards building a sustainable future for the world. 

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