The huge outpouring of support in our August fundraising campaign was many things—unexpected, amazing, gratifying—and humbling.  We are glad to have earned your trust and respect.  We intend to treat your generosity well, and keep expanding our services and our reach.  We are redoubling our efforts to create a steady pipeline of startups advancing toward customer sales and funding success.

Our goal was $20,000.  We raised $20,950 including matching money, more than tripling the amount in our last campaign, and we set a new record for the number of people who donated.  In this time of pandemic, when so many people are uncertain of their finances, it is particularly astonishing to see this kind of response.  We are so grateful.  We also receive support from sponsors, grants and contracts, all of which have been shrinking with the uncertainties of the shutdown.  That’s why the boost from donations is so critical right now.  

If you didn’t see our 5-minute video on what we have accomplished, click here.  If you want to chip-in, Buy Us a Cup of Coffee.  Every little bit helps.

THANK-YOU: Brian Hoblit, Dan Sperling, Jack Crawford, Mike Hart, Mike Terzo, Roger Akers, Al Rich, Chris White, Noam Lotan, Bob Guimarin, Linghong Li, Sergey Vasylyev, Mark Henwood, Dan Koellen, Daniel Clark, Aaron Shaw, Laura Good, Sandra Hall, Thomas Paddon, Ezra Beeman, Peter Zullo, Diana Eastman, Alex Chompff, Brandon Rose, Lorenzo Smith, Ryan Barr, Robert Gregoire, Frederic Tornatore, Curtis Rocca, Christina Borsum, Weintraub Tobin, Kian Nobari, Lynne Goldsmith, Michelle Wong, Antonio Yung, Mark Berman, Andy Roth, Bill Westerfield, Yuliya Semak, Musole Buhendwa, Eva Shepherd, Mariah Lichtenstern, Eric Cummings, Steven Mills, Larry Kellerman, John Selep, Doug Linney, John Peters, Alain Poivet, Michael Carroll, Terry Carlone, Robert Wilson, Kyle Kaneshiro, John Jaggers, Robert Gregory, Glenn Meeks, Roger Johnson, Matt Roberts, Evolution Accelerator, Peter Bell, Ingrid Rosten, Bing Gu, Kathleen Collins, Kiara Reed, Guy Hall, Michelle Wong, Robert Willson 

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Patron Supporters 

Dr. Eric Cummings, Robert Gregoire, Larry Kellerman, Curtis Rocca,

Ingrid Rosten, Frederick Tornatore, Mark Humbert, Bill Westerfield,

Michael Carroll, Peter Bell, Al Rich, Kian Nobari, Bob Guimarin,

Steven Mills, John Jaggers, Farid Ismayilzada, Bing Gu

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