One of the newest cleantech startups in our region is EnerDapt, and we recently met with CEO and Founder Zach Denning to find out what they are doing.  

EnerDapt is an early-stage HVAC SaaS company that provides 24/7 monitoring service, cost-driven analytics, and automated HVAC management system to commercial real estate owners, targeting small to medium size existing buildings that usually cannot afford sophisticated energy management systems. Check them out at their website.  They are based at McClellan Park.  

HVAC accounts for 41% of total energy consumption among commercial buildings on average. Commercial buildings are incredibly inefficient, resulting in massive amounts of wasted energy. The average commercial building wastes about 30% of the energy used to run it.  

With the help of a CalSEED grant, EnerDapt is in a proof of concept phase, collecting data on demo installations to demonstrate what it can do.  They have shown through the case studies so far that their AI-powered platform has helped property managers to lower operating costs by 18-22% and extend equipment lifetime by 22-28%.  (Use this link to see the case studies.) EnerDapt’s goal is to demonstrate how those savings can be achieved with a very quick (under 12-month) payback with a minimal sensor infrastructure and charging a monthly service fee.

Besides directly addressing the impact of energy waste, EnerDapt’s machine learning algorithms combined with existing sensor technologies can automatically discover, quantify and autonomously repair problems before tenants even notice them.  Overall the platform enables property owners to increase both top-line and bottom-line immediately by capitalizing on tenant’s satisfaction while saving more on operating expenses, capital equipment expenditures, and even HVAC contracts with third parties. All factors will ultimately boil down to a substantial increase in operating income.

EnerDapt joins a number of other companies in our region targeting reduced energy waste in commercial buildings, including Grid Rabbit and Synapsense both of which focus on larger structures.  

Currently, EnerDapt is running additional case studies for commercial buildings of any size above 150,000 square-feet. If you have a small commercial building and are interested in saving on energy-related expenditures, you are welcome to contact EnerDapt or us for more information.


Qidong is a CleanStart Associate who follows new technologies that can connect with his passion for sustainability, education and economic empowerment. Helping CleanStart and clean tech startups in the Sacramento Region, he is looking to help positively impact the world. He recently graduated from UC San Diego and has a B.S. in Managerial Economics. His multicultural background helps companies approach problems from new the region.