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Our focus on innovation equips startups with the tools, resources, and industry insights needed to stay ahead in the competitive cleantech landscape.

Educational Resources

Our specialized training and education programs to equip entrepreneurs with the latest trends, technologies, and regulatory insights.

Collaborative Ecosystem

Join our vibrant community shaping a sustainable future where innovation thrives and impactful solutions come to life.


At CleanStart, we cultivate connections for small businesses and entrepreneurs, fostering collaboration on sustainable initiatives through events, forums, and meet-ups. Join a network that shares your passion for positive environmental change.


Dive into CleanStart’s Progress Report, celebrating Northern California’s clean tech achievements and expertise. Join the clean tech revolution, empowering positive impact on the environment.


Transform with knowledge. Access workshops, webinars, and guides for the latest in sustainable business insights. Equip yourself to seamlessly integrate sustainability into your operations.

Latest Blogs

Dive into the dynamic landscape of clean tech, exploring ideas and success stories.

AI and the Future of the Grid: A Peek over the Horizon

This was one MeetUp you didn’t want to miss.  Most of the 30+ attendees said it was our best one ever—and we have had some great ones.  It was so good because we talked a lot about the context and the big issues of the next 20 years.   Our speakers were Daveed Sidhu,...

Protected: Bike Lane Marketplace wins Big Bang Clean Tech Award

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West Biofuels Charging Ahead

In 2022, we wrote that “West Biofuels Making the Leap to Commercial Plants”.  Now it is clear they made that leap.  We checked in with COO Matt Summers recently and discovered they are charging ahead with one plant operating, one nearly ready to operate under...

Simpl Global: Bootstrapping Growth

Farid Dibachi likes to do things differently.  That approach has served him well in building Simpl Global.  One is his technical approach.  The other is his way of funding growth. An electrical engineer, Farid founded the company in 2018 based on a very clever—and...

Conscious Container

Have you ever felt guilty about dumping that heavy wine bottle in the trash?  Even if you live in a community that requires separation of recyclables from general trash, the sad fact is that the bottle usually ends up in the landfill anyway–or worse places.  There...

Has Crowdfunding Evolved into Something Useful?

We occasionally check in on the latest advances in crowdfunding to see if it provides some good funding opportunities.  It does seem to have turned a corner, but there are still many perils.  We are now watching what is happening with one of our regional cluster...

Winners of Circular Economy Pitch: Innovating Waste Management

This week we heard from new innovators at the local Circular Economy Pitch Competition.  Western Placer Waste Management Authority (WPWMA) is spending $120 million to upgrade their Placer County facility and they want it to spur innovation in the region. So, WPWMA...

Solar Breakthroughs: Record Growth and Innovations Unveiled

Solar innovation, manufacturing, and adoption are growing faster than ever. Over 30 gigawatts of PV were added in 2023, setting a record in residential and utility segments. The recent CleanStart Meetup featured this whirlwind of innovation, focusing on the latest...

Unlocking Sustainable Energy through Material Innovations

In case you missed it, Zack Spencer of NZT Group joined the CleanStart Perspective and delved into how material science is accelerating the energy transition. At NZT Group they are working on groundbreaking advancements in energy storage and materials science that are...

Tzvi Weber Wins $1,000 in Startup Challenge

Congratulations to one of our Clean Tech CEO Crash Course participants, Tzvi Weber.  He just won $1000 from the regional StartUp Challenge.  That Challenge brought together 11 innovative teams, split into two cohorts: Catalyst and Traction. The Traction Cohort...

Start Your CleanTech Business

We provide comprehensive support for aspiring innovators in the cleantech industry.


  • Product Ideation Support: Guiding individuals in creating and selling cleantech and sustainability products.
  • Critical Question Assessment: Helping entrepreneurs answer nine key questions to validate their product concept.
  • Concept Worth Validation: Supporting the process of proving the viability and value of new product ideas.

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"As an entrepreneur in the sustainability sector, CleanStart Inc. has been an invaluable ally. Their expert guidance, networking events, and access to funding opportunities have been instrumental in turning our vision into a thriving reality."

Diana, CEO of ThermēShade

"I appreciate the work that Clean Start has done so far with and for EV Life, your CEO crash course in the very beginning of my journey was really an incredible experience and really set us up to go tackle the first set of challenges with confidence. So thank you."

CEO Kevin Favro, EV Life

"Being a part of CleanStart Inc. has opened doors we never thought possible for our sustainable business. The continuous learning opportunities and exposure to industry leaders have significantly contributed to our success. Forever grateful for their commitment to fostering innovation in cleantech."

President of LiCAP Technologies, Inc.

“We established CleanStart with the mission to empower visionaries and guide them towards success in the marketplace, eliminating the need for numerous costly mistakes.”

Gary Simon

Chairman/Founder, CleanStart Inc.

“We take pride in empowering startups. Our personalized mentorship and tailored programs drive clean energy ventures to new heights, showcasing our commitment to innovation and tangible industry impact.”

Thomas Hall

Executive Director, CleanStart Inc.

Regional Companies

Our comprehensive map is a dynamic guide highlighting the emerging and thriving cleantech companies in our region.


  • Facilitates Collaboration:
    • Fosters networking and partnerships among nearby cleantech companies, driving collaborative initiatives.
  • Economic Boost:
    • Attracts investment, creates jobs, and stimulates economic growth by showcasing a thriving regional cleantech sector.
  • Community Engagement:
    • Enhances community awareness, encouraging local support and participation in sustainable initiatives.

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