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April 2017 Newsletter

As an advocate of clean tech, one of the most encouraging signs that it is still alive and well is to see all the new companies and amazing new ideas that people come up with each year.

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March 2018 Newsletter

With two meetups behind us, we’re on our way to rebuilding a community of cleantech enthusiasts! These meetups are like mini-TEDx talks, with lots of food for thought, and excitement around the success companies are having here.

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February 2018 Newsletter

If you weren’t at our inaugural Cleantech Meetup on January. 25, you missed a great event! After an hour of networking, we heard three terrific presentations.

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January 2018 Newsletter

The New Year is starting with a bang! First, let me thank all of you who contributed to our crowdfunding campaign to make it such a success. Counting all online and direct contributions, we raised over $10,000, an increase of 20% over the prior year. It is much appreciated.

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