Building a Clean Tech Neighborhood

CleanStart is working with Eco-Alpha to bring opportunities to Alkali Flats.


We propose a neighborhood-transformative project in Alkali Flats, utilizing a building undergoing renovation as a focal point for sustainable development and community empowerment by involving local clean tech entrepreneurs directly. Through multiple workshops, our project aims to connect clean tech entrepreneurs with residents and business owners, educate them on clean tech opportunities, engage them in defining neighborhood improvements, and enhance their work skills for the growing clean tech industry.

Starting a business requires money, but hundreds of billions of dollars are available for good ideas. CleanStart has identified nine critical questions that anyone with a new cleantech product idea must answer to prove their concept’s worth, including its scalability, revenue model, competition, and team. CleanStart offers training, connections, and access to funding for those with new cleantech and sustainability products. Contact us to bring your idea to life!

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