CVIE Forum Showcases New Companies

CVIE Forum Showcases New Companies

I recently had the pleasure to go to an event hosted by our partners at Fresno State’s Wet Center and BlueTech Valley.  The Central Valley Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum an event that people need to check out.  In its fourth year, this was a hidden gem, featuring over 30 startups with some really cool ideas and speakers sharing their experience and knowledge around entrepreneurship.

Tabling there were familiar faces from the past year, such as Scarlet Solar and Waterhound Futures who were in our Crash Course, along with RAF Electronics, California Sunlight, and ECO2MIX who attended out Central Valley Clean Tech Showcase. 

I also got to check out coll new companies from the valley like Precision XYZ who use drones to troubleshoot solar and HyperBorean who used waste heat to cool just like Professor Ramoni described at the recent Cleantech Meetup.

It was a great event that featured break-out sessions and a pitch competition with Ecoli Sense winning the main $10,000 prize.  Additionally, Get Served Transportation, an uber like app to support handicap people won the “peoples investment”, a $2,500 prize. Get Served Transportation convinced attendees to invest in them with Fresno State Themed Bulldon Dollars that were handed out upon arrival.  

 Check out the Video and make sure to attend in 2020.

Thomas Hall


Thomas is the Executive Director of CleanStart. Thomas has a strong background in supporting small businesses, leadership, financial management and is proficient in working with nonprofits. He has a BS in Finance and a BA in Economics from California State University, Chico. Thomas has a passion for sustainability and a commitment to supporting non-profits in the region.

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