What company is combining Swagger with Clean Tech?

What company is combining Swagger with Clean Tech?

Sacramento’s Startup scene just got a little cooler with the introduction of a vintage take on new technology.  Kacy Marrs is building the coolest motorcycle on the market at his startup Marrs Cycles.

Marrs Cycles started when Kacy made a personal electric cruiser bike for himself.  He put pictures of it online and people started knocking down his door asking to buy one. He went into business building his now famous Marrs Cruiser and received recognition for his skills in fabricating and designing high quality electric bikes, He was even featured on Miller Welders Channel and is often compared to Harley Davidsons.  What really inspires and motivates Kacy though is to create a electric motorcycle for the masses. One that is easy to ride, practical, fun, and above all, cool!

Kacy isn’t new to entrepreneurship or fabricating bikes, he cut his teeth building electric assist bikes in Orange County. In fact, Metallica frontman James Hetfield bought one of the Marrs Cruiser bikes Kacy created. The good range, speed, and vintage style of his designs created a lot of excitement, but Kacy wanted to break out of the niche market and do something bigger. So, he brought Marrs Cycles back to his home town in the Sierra Foothills to work on building an electric motorcycle for the masses.

Currently, Kacy has modeled and is working on fabricating the first concept. To make his ideal bike Kacy has new ideas like incorroperating a liquid cooled of battery pack and a DOT approved systems.  The design has a shorter wheel base, a hub motor, and ergonomic design to make it easy to ride. With the hub motor, Kacy envisions the bike could hold up to a 20 kwh battery giving it unprecedented range and could double as a power supply for the home. With a vintage beach cruiser style, the motorcycle will attract a new younger crowd to the market. With an electric bike that fits what the Millennial and Gen X markets demand, Kacy is creating his own lane for a new take on the style of motorcycles.


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