PowerUp Recap: Wine and Clean Energy Innovation

PowerUp Recap: Wine and Clean Energy Innovation

The PowerUp Networking Event, held at Lucide Winery, brought together a dynamic mix of clean energy enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and policy makers in an atmosphere pulsating with innovation and ideas. Attendees talked about Microgrids, Wind Power, AI energy management and Wine.

Kevin Luther, founder of Lucide Winery, shared his story of innovation in business served as the perfect backdrop for this unique gathering. He highlighted the matching innovation with what customers are willing to pay for. This led to discussions, connecting over wine and clean energy. The event sparked dialogues on reducing carbon footprints, implementing renewable energy sources, and leveraging cutting-edge technologies.

If you missed it, that is ok. We will be back at Lucid Winery on June 22nd. Make Sure to Join us!

The PowerUp Networking Event proved to be a catalyst for change, igniting a spark of creativity and fostering collaborations that would shape a more sustainable future. As attendees departed, they carried with them a shared vision: one where the power of clean energy merges with the timeless beauty of winemaking to create a world that thrives on innovation, sustainability, and a passion for a greener tomorrow.

Kvein Luther talking about innovation
Discussion Energy and WIne
CleanStart Exc. Director Thomas Hall talks clean tech