CleanTech Meetup: Grid Tech taking us to Carbon Neutral

CleanTech Meetup: Grid Tech taking us to Carbon Neutral

At this month’s meetup, we will explore Grid Tech and how is it helping us move to Carbon Neutrality. Renewables are intermittent and electrification is changing ratepayer energy demand. To move to Zero Carbon the Grid must adapt. SMUDs 2030 goal is counting on Virtual Power Plants, Distributed Energy Resources, and Demand Response. Across the country there is a push for transmission backbones to connect Wind and Solar in the Mid-West with coastal regions.


  • James Frasher, Sr. Strategic Business Planner, Energy Storage and DER Operation at SMUD
  • Timothy Barat , Co-Founder & CEO at Gridware
Profile: Sac Startup Improves Hotel Efficiency Drastically

Profile: Sac Startup Improves Hotel Efficiency Drastically

What Cleantech company in moving up?  GridRabbit. This year they expect to double their sales.

GridRabbit is real-time hardware and software Smart Room Building IoT System. The GridRabbit System is built with the ability to grow, adapt and integrate new technologies into the platform. The customer can begin experiencing the GridRabbit system just with one type of device, like a thermostat, a year later the same customer can add an in-wall smart switch, voice control device or an EV Charger. All integrated in the same IoT platform. The GridRabbit team is constantly monitoring and adding new features and devices to the GridRabbit system.

In 2010 Smart Grid Billing, Inc. started developing the GridRabbit system and since then installed multiple GridRabbit Smart Rooms all over the over the world. In 2015, Smart Grid Billing, Inc.  in partnership with SMUD installed the GridRabbit solution at two Sacramento Hotels, one of which is the Hyatt Regency Sacramento. Allowing for the hotel to control the energy use in rooms when guests leave. The end-to-end hardware and software solution gives facilities managers more control over a building energy uses. In 2017 Hyatt Regency also installed 26 Electric Vehicle chargers that are integrated with the GridRabbitsolution, allowing even more energy control for Hyatt Regency. These Electric Vehicle chargers can be automatically adjusted in 5 different levels by the GridRabbit solution, increasing the potential real-time energy control from 500 kW to 900kW.This year they are extending that control having installed a 120 kWh Lithium Titanate SCiB battery solution at the Sacramento Hyatt enabling them to flatten out the duck curve even further.  The Hyatt now buys energy from SMUD at night when it is less expensive, reduces energy use when guest leave, and is nearing a flat energy usage curve.

From a Utilities perspective, like that of SMUD, this is big. Smart Grid Billing, Inc. has proved GridRabbit can be used to reduce energy usage during peak times, flatten the duck curve, and integrate battery storage. This is key to incorporating renewable energy and battery storage into the grid.

GridRabbit platform manages power usage with automated rules that can manage blocks of rooms, individual rooms, and even individual light switches and outlets. This enables hotels to not only reduce usage but also help improve visitor satisfaction, because it is more than just turning off lights when people leave.  Often, after a hotel starts working with GridRabbit, problem areas, hurting customer satisfaction, can be identified. For example, problem AC Units or expired lighting all hurt the visitor experience and GridRabbit can identify these issues in real-time and before a hotel takes hit to its reputation. Some of the GridRabbit hotels have more than 5000 GridRabbit Smart devices installed.  Hotels and companies using GridRabbit are experiencing a 30% reduction in energy usage from the controlled loads.

GridRabbit is an official Trademark of SmartGrid Billing.


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