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We’re over the top…with gratitude for your generous show of support in our donations campaign this year.  We’re also over the top because we did better than our goal.  Last year we brought in $20,500 including the money from the match challenge and we wanted to do 10% better.  We actually raised $22,950 this year, 11.2% better than 2020.  We especially thank the nine “Hero” donors that contributed $500 or more.  That’s the most of those we ever had.  We also want to recognize those that made it a small monthly ongoing contribution.  It is nice to have that solid base each month.  And we more than doubled the count of contributions this year.

THANK-YOU: Mark Humbert, Kiara Reed, Mike Bell of Synbyo, Waverly Hampton III, Peter Mackin, Lynne Goldsmith, Laura Good, Mark Berman, Jeff Bush, Susan Wheeler, EVlife, Janice Tran, Nichole Biggart, Curt Sommer, Dan Koellen, Jennifer Green, Guy Hall, Dean Peckham, Al Rich, Bruce Hall, Yuliya Semak, Brandon Rose, Alex Chompff, Peter Mackin, John Jaggers, Brian Hoblit, Linghong Li, Hazen Kazaks, David Sanders, Frederick Tornatore, Roger Johnson, Kevin Favro Jack Crawford, Infinium, Larry Kellerman, Greyrock Energy, Daniel Sperling, Robert Schuetzle, Bob Wilson, Cameron Law, Diana Eastman of  Thermeshade, Ben Finkelor, Farid Dibachi, Mark Henwood, Ryan Barr, Kevin Wolf, Jim Alves, Jennifer Berman, John Allan, Rosanna Herber, Adrian Rehn

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Mark Humbert, Lynne Goldsmith, Peter Mackin, Guy Hall, Pam Marrone, Brian Hoblit, Roger Johnson, Daniel Sperling, Ryan Barr, Larry Kellerman