AQUAOSO Technologies, a startup public benefit corporation headquartered in Sacramento, California, is launching a beta version of their online water trading program this summer. The AQUAOSO team is dedicated to improving the water industry, and is led by CEO and Founder Christopher Peacock. Their team has created an online water rights management and trading platform designed to provide transparency and insight into water data and the California water rights system.

AQUAOSO has observed that the current process for buying and selling water rights is inadequate because the existing tools do not enable sustainable water markets. Their system aims to reduce the cost of transactions and expedite the water rights transfer process, deliver solutions to solve existing and future water challenges, and provide greater accessibility to stakeholders. Sustainability in water usage is becoming a higher priority for both existing and new companies throughout California and the Western United States, and AQUAOSO quickly recognized the need for innovation. AQUAOSO combined their knowledge of water markets, advanced technologies, and big data to provide a unique tool for managing water rights in the future.

The early-stage system has already attracted attention in the industry. AQUAOSO was selected to participate in the 2017 Entrepreneurs Showcase Accelerator in Sacramento, hosted by Impact Venture Capital. Additionally, AQUAOSO was recently recognized as one of the top 10 ideas in the OpenIDEO 2017 Water Resilience Challenge. Although their goal to ultimately change the way water is distributed globally may seem ambitious, the AQUAOSO team is dedicated to put all their efforts into this technology and reshape our water management system for a more sustainable future.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Madeleine is is a second-year Environmental Policy student at UC Davis. She played a leading role in researching the CleanStart Progress Report and is excited to be working with CleanStart to help Sacramento become a clean tech hub.