In case you missed it, Zack Spencer of NZT Group joined the CleanStart Perspective and delved into how material science is accelerating the energy transition. At NZT Group they are working on groundbreaking advancements in energy storage and materials science that are not just innovative but pivotal for the clean energy transition. They are continuing to work on cutting-edge flywheel technology and its potential to outperform traditional energy storage methods, offering a glimpse into a sustainable future with reduced maintenance, lower costs, and higher efficiency. We profiled the technology they worked on in the past at SPIN storage systems.

NZT has also been providing advancements in gas storage, particularly for natural gas and hydrogen, focusing on improving energy density by safely storing fuels at high pressure. He mentions the importance of materials in these technologies, with a focus on composites for their strength, durability, and efficiency, especially in high-pressure environments.

Materials play a crucial role in hydrogen storage. Spencer shared the effectiveness of storing hydrogen depends significantly on material properties, particularly due to hydrogen’s small molecule size and high permeability. Composites, especially those with carbon fiber, are preferred for their strength, lightweight, and ability to handle high pressures without significant degradation. They overcome the limitations of metals, which can suffer from issues like crack propagation under high pressure. Innovative materials solutions are therefore essential for developing efficient, safe, and cost-effective hydrogen storage systems, as they directly impact the energy density and integrity of storage units.

The conversation covers the broader implications of these technologies for clean energy transitions, including their potential to reduce CO2 emissions, improve energy efficiency, and provide cleaner fuel alternatives. NZT Group and Spencer are looking for ways to collaborate on the energy transition.

You can watch the full discussion here.

Thomas Hall


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