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CleanStart To Do’s are a twice-weekly online conversations about what you can add to your To Do list while observing the COVID-19 orders to self-isolate. Join us on Tuesday mornings from 9:00-9:30 a.m. or Thursday afternoons from 4:00 to 4:30 p.m. when we interview our featured guests and ask them for their recommendations on how entrepreneurs and innovators can not only cope, but thrive, during this unprecedented time.

Sac State Presents: Virtual Entrepreneurship Toolkit Series

The Carlsen Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship presents a new virtual series of workshops designed to teach participants about building the foundation of a new enterprise. This Virtual Toolkit Series guides participants through hands-on activities to build an understanding of proven startup tools and apply them to their own businesses.

We ALL are Still Moving Forward!

While this time might be filled with stresses, it is also filled with opportunity, CleanStart is providing you support by helping give ideas for our collective "To-Do" list.  We are working with our partners to provide everyone more access to the resources they need.

We want to hear about how your business is coping.  How are you adapting? Take our Survey

There are financial resources available from the Small Business Administration and the City of Sacramento.

Empowering entrepreneurs with the knowledge, capital, and connections critical to creating successful new clean tech companies.

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CleanStart Supporters talk about why they love our Cleantech Meetups. Don't miss out on the monthly gathering showcasing the near future of Cleantech in the region with presentations about products and technologies from companies and stakeholders.  

Latest News & Blogs

CleanStart Events Postponed

CleanStart Events Postponed

CleanStart is postponing our events due to Covid-19 concerns.  At this point, we are unaware of any potential exposure, but we are exercising the utmost concern for our community. We are still supporting the greater Clean Tech community and if you have questions...

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Startup Weekend at Sac State

Startup Weekend at Sac State

One of the most exciting open startup events (IMO) is Startup Weekend, and the Carlsen Center hosted one last weekend (3/7).  If you aren’t familiar with it, Startup Weekend is a business competition where teams form and race to validate a business in 54 hours. ...

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About CleanStart

CleanStart was founded in 2005 as a nonprofit organization designed to accelerate the development of clean technology ventures within the Northern California region. Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs with the knowledge, capital, and connections that are critical to creating a successful new business. We do this by:

CONNECTING the Northern California region’s clean tech community through CleanTech Meetups.

PROMOTING the region’s clean tech economy in the annual CleanStart Progress Report, on social media & news outlets and at statewide and national events.

EDUCATING Clean Tech business leaders through classes, professional rescources, expert pannels and the CEO Crash Course.

Our Team

Gary Simon, Chairman

Gary Simon, Chairman


Mark Henwood

Mark Henwood, Board Member

Benjamin Finkelor, MBA

Benjamin Finkelor, Board Member

Thomas Hall

 Kiara Reed, Board Member


Gary Simon, Chairman

Brian Hoblit, Board Member

Mark Henwood

Dan Koellen, Board Member

Mark Humbert, Board Member

Thomas Hall

Thomas Hall, Executive Director

Ingrid Rosten, Consultant

Osato Evbuomwan, Assoctiate 

CleanStart Accomplishments & Updates 

CleanStart has been busy working to build the clean tech hub in the Sacramento region.  We have been supporting local growth through education, networking, and promotion.  Some of our recent successes include:

  • CleanStart has continued to grow since restarting in 2016. From holding seven educational and networking events in 2017 ,  fifteen in 2018, to over twenty in 2019. Connecting with over 1000 stakeholders face to face.
  • Monthly Cleantech Meetups with an average of 50 attendees
  • Businesses Skills roundtables and Expert Panels, where startups get one on one time with business professionals and clean tech consultants, like the Future of the Utility 
  • The 2019 Progress Report was completed, showing 85 companies in the core clean tech sector is generating $3.1 billion in revenue and 5,065 jobs
  • Regional Accelerator the CEO Crash Course, returning summer of 2020
  • Central Valley Clean Tech Showcase 2019
  • Sponsoring Prizes in Regional Events such as the Big Bang at UC Davis

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