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Every year there are about two dozen new clean tech startups in the region, hoping to see their products contribute to global sustainability.  That doesn’t happen all by itself.  Someone needs to be a catalyst.  That’s us. 

We hope you appreciate all that we do as a catalyst to support the development of the clean tech sector in our region.  Many have said that we are having a positive impact in helping clean tech get to market and that really is good to hear.  If you support  what we do, help us build the region as a clean tech hub. 


Join our final Meetup of the year where we discuss storage and how batteries are developing in the energy revolution. 

Garrett Woodroof, Villara Energy System

The industry’s first Lithium Titanate battery.

Mark Roest, Director of Marketing & International Development at Sustainable Energy Inc.

Developing a fireproof, nontoxic, ceramic semiconductor battery with no lithium, cobalt or rare earth materials.

Additional presenters to be announced

November's Spotlight Pitch featured four new companies presenting to a panel of experts.

The Companies

  • Ascent Analytics: An app to cut cost and speed the process of permitting and installing rooftop solar
  • EV Life: an app to make the paperwork process on buying an EV easier and simpler, linked to a lending source to get the cash for incentive payments immediately rather than months later
  • Hexas Biomass: plant based raw materials for a variety of energy, chemicals, packaging, textiles, composites, and structural products
  • Lemna: better management of water use and waste products in dairies

Empowering entrepreneurs with the knowledge, capital, and connections critical to creating successful new clean tech companies.

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Venture Catalyst Expanding at UC Davis

Venture Catalyst Expanding at UC Davis

Janine Elliott was our guest on October 12 for a Perspectives podcast, explaining her new role.  She comes to us from 6 years at VentureWell in Amherst, MA, one of the best- funded and most complete tech incubators, and from the Los Angeles CleanTech Incubator, which...

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The Other Path to Decarbonizing Transportation

The Other Path to Decarbonizing Transportation

Both California and New York have declared they want people to buy only EVs starting in 2035 and more states are considering joining the push.  But that leaves the existing 276 million gasoline and diesel vehicles still on the road in the US (31 million in California)...

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SMUD 2030 Board Meeting

SMUD 2030 Board Meeting

SMUD voted to approve their 2030 plan. Make sure you read the Full Plan and Connect with SMUD. Here is the full board meeting Presentation ABOUT THE AUTHOR Thomas is the Executive Director of CleanStart. Thomas has a strong background in supporting small businesses,...

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CleanStart was founded in 2005 as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization designed to accelerate the development of clean technology ventures within the Northern California region. Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs with the knowledge, capital, and connections that are critical to creating a successful new business. We do this by:

CONNECTING the Northern California region’s clean tech community through CleanTech Meetups.

PROMOTING the region’s clean tech economy in the annual CleanStart Progress Report, on social media & news outlets and at statewide and national events.

EDUCATING Clean tech business leaders through classes, professional resources, expert panels and the CEO Crash Course.

Our Team

Gary Simon, Chairman

Gary Simon, Chairman


Mark Henwood

Mark Henwood, Board Member

Benjamin Finkelor, MBA

Benjamin Finkelor, Board Member

Thomas Hall

Kiara Reed, Board Member


Gary Simon, Chairman

Brian Hoblit, Board Member

Mark Humbert, Board Member

Mark Henwood

Dan Koellen, Board Member

Thomas Hall

Thomas Hall, Executive Director

Ingrid Rosten, Consultant

Nitza Jamias,  Associate

Giovannie Smith

Saraia Jackson,   Associate

Giovannie Smith

Giovanni Smith,  Associate

Upcoming Events

There is always a lot going on. If you want to connect with CleanStart, join us at these events!

CleanStart Companies

CleanStart Accomplishments & Updates 

CleanStart has been busy working to build the clean tech hub in the Sacramento region.  We have been supporting local growth through education, networking, and promotion.  Some of our recent successes include:

  • CleanStart has continued to grow since restarting in 2016. From holding seven educational and networking events in 2017 , fifteen in 2018, to over twenty in 2019. Connecting with over 1000 stakeholders face to face.
  • Monthly Cleantech Meetups with an average of 60 attendees
  • Regular Virtual Web Meetings attracting 30 or more attendees to discuss the advancement of clean tech and opportunities in the region.
  • Businesses Skills roundtables and Expert Panels, where startups get one on one time with business professionals and clean tech consultants, like the Future of the Utility
  • Regular Investor Spotlight events where investors attend companies’ pitches
  • Regional Accelerator the CEO Crash Course with 5 Alumni who have reviewed funding
  • Central Valley Clean Tech Showcase 2019
  • Sponsoring Prizes in Regional Events such as the Big Bang at UC Davis and the College of Engineering and Computer Sciences Pitch Event

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