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Emerging Opportunities Discussion with V. John White, Exec Director of CEERT

Sep 1, 2020

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing V. John White, the 30-year veteran Executive Director of the Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Technology (CEERT).  CEERT has been in the lead on many of the regulatory and legislative changes that have pushed clean tech forward in the state, really a remarkable record.  Check them out at www.ceert.org.  
We talked about new frontiers in incentives and rule changes in the clean tech markets which give insight into where startups may want to be focusing their efforts.  We talked about more sophisticated demand management, the role of CCAs, the rise of the “Distribution System Operator” as an organization to deal with the complexities of local procurement, and the need for more ways to match supply and demand.  It was a great session, and one we will likely continue in the future. 

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